GLOCALCOLLOQUIES - Vol 1, Issue 1, May, 2015

Subaltern Can Speak: Strategies of Subaltern Resistance in the Select Plays of Asif Currimbhoy

Author: Sinha, Lisha

Category: Research

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India’s struggle against the colonial invasion is fruitfully accomplished but only at a superficial level, for the country is still colonised economically and culturally under the garb of European consciousness .The following paper tries to contemplate colonial aftermath with special attention to the fact that the majority of people maintain a status-quo, thereby widening the bridges between the elite and subaltern classes, where the dichotomy between black/white, powerful/weak, upper classes/lower classes, master/slave is clearly demarcated. As its consequence, we find resistant nature being bred among the unprivileged classes against such new forms of exploitation. The paper focuses on the subaltern resistances, which are always viewed as an attempt of the oppressed groups to dethrone the colonial hierchies and their attitudes and has become a major issue in the present post-colonial scenario. Asif

Currimbhoy’s plays explore Indian subalternity through the portrayal of his varied characters and their actions, resisting against the oppressors reverberating the native voice.

The proposed paper attempts to showcase the fact that the postcoloniality can be considered in the light of anti-colonial resistance both against the imperial hegemony as well as the dominant western culture prevailing at various social strata. The paper will effectively consider the question of what Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak asks. Whether subaltern can speak and thus will discuss how skilfully it is taken up in Currimbhoy’s plays.The paper is also an attempt to elucidate the fact that how the subaltern speaks as well as protest against the

dominant classes in order to live a free and peaceful life. The paper besides showcasing the various strategies of subaltern resistances, violent or non-violent, will also comment on how the plays demonstrate the various changes in India that came over after independence.

Keywords: Subaltern, Resistance, European Consciousness, Gayatri Chakraborty Spivak, Asif Currimbhoy

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