GLOCALCOLLOQUIES - Vol 1, Issue 1, May, 2015

The Rise, Use and Abuse of Language

Author: Rutanga, Murindwa

Category: Research

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This article explores how necessity for communication by individuals resulted in the invention of language. Over time, the power of language permeated and controlled all forms of interaction. Language multiplied and proliferated all modes of interaction and it soon became integral to people’s advancement in all forms and directions. It went from survival to new domains of construction and destruction, power construction and rivalry, aesthetics, falsifications and treacheries. The article explores how the Europeans and Muslims flooded

the Buganda Kingdom and embarked on political and ideological work rather than on religious work. It shows how the British missionaries finally outmanoeuvred the others, used its linguistic machinations in England and Buganda against KabakaMwanga II, lured their newly converted sections of the indigenes into disobedience and collaboration with them against the Buganda Kingdom. The power of language made their converts to betray their country by fighting for the enemy. The article exposes how neo-colonial Uganda has been

consuming colonially-constructed falsified epistemes, religised and ethniciseddivisionisms and racialised self-hate – all of which have remained vices to its nationalist project. Its nuanced appeal is the urgency and imperativeness of rereading and reinterpreting Uganda’s history including the reunion of anti-imperialist forces under Kings Mwanga and Kabarega, their capture and exile.

Keywords: Language, Communication, Politics, Power, Casuistry, Treachery and Antiimperialism

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