GLOCALCOLLOQUIES - Vol 1, Issue 1, May, 2015

Globalisation and Cultural Backlash: A Study of Aravind Adiga’s Select Novels

Author: Kumari, Shweta

Category: Research

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Globalization brings communities in close proximity both economically and culturally. This proximity leads to a fusion of ideas, beliefs, world-view and culture. Globalization has facilitated the higher standard of living of people across world. The world is transforming into one global village. But everything, good or profitable, comes at some cost and globalization is not an exception. The unwanted consequences of globalisation are more fatal than the goodness of its advantages. This led to many scholars to critique it on many grounds. Challenges posed by globalization are even more acute in the case of India where globalization cannot be seen divorced from colonialism. The colonial history of India forces us to see the shades of neo-colonialism in the forms of globalization. In India, globalisation seems to have widened the gap between the rich and poor.

The present paper is an attempt to look into the complex challenges of the

globalisation in the form of erosion of moral values, decreased level of humanity, suffocating competition and gruelling life of poor which have been addressed in the novels of Aravind Adiga. His novels explore the lives of common man in India in the process of development and tell a tale of avarice and its consequences. The novels show the poverty and deprivation

of the class that have limited access over the resources which results into a rather wider gap between rich and poor. This disparity, accentuated so, has made the lives of people miserable. Thispaper will look for those serious consequences that have been resulted from globalization.

Keywords: Globalization, free trade, corruption, rich-poor divide, morality, equilibrium

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