GLOCALCOLLOQUIES - Vol 1, Issue 1, May, 2015

Ethics, Ecology and the Woman: K.S. Maniam’s Between Lives

Author: Chittampalli, Ravichandra P

Category: Research

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The article attempts throw light on the maddeningly destructive policies of development that Malaysia embraced in the early years of its Independence, through an incisive study of K.S.Maniam's novel Between Lives. The novel pits the resolve of a lonely woman against all kinds of forces that attempt to evict her. There are many strands of arguments: the female as the last bastion against the patriarchal agenda of development, the younger generation a suffering from a disconnect with land and values, the generational conflict, urbanization and its peril, life under the colonial master, Nature versus City, to mention but a few. This paper focuses on three issues, namely, the question of ethicality, that of the precarious survival of a fast depleting eco system, and the role of woman in bringing a semblance of order as well as protecting the last

outpost of Nature, from the crass, profit motivated state and corporate agenda of development. In the process the rural, peasant, agrarian Malaya begins to disappear into the capital flow of a corporate ideology driven Malaysia. The article attempts to provide an insight into the richly evocative use of imagery and symbolism. The fascinating use of memory as fantasy and the drabness of the real is touched upon. The poetic language of Maniam is seen to provide the right tenor for the serious discourse on all the three themes broached in the article.

Keywords: Development, Ecoliterature, Feminism, Nature, Postcolonial, Resistance

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