GLOCALCOLLOQUIES - Vol 1, Issue 1, May, 2015

Re-mapping the “Third World” Places: Discussion on the Exotic Journeys in Chinese Cinema before and after Cold War

Author: Chen, Yishui

Category: Research

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This paper is to examine the “Third World” cultural identities of “Chinese” status by tracing transformational roles the Southeast Asia landscapes performed in Chinese cinema before and after Cold War from a geopolitical perspective. Initially, the paper sketches the geopolitical relationships of two opposing worlds in part of Pacific Rim during the Cold War which reveals that Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong lied on the “boundary of the Cold War” between the

bipolar ideological camps while Southeast Asian region located in the “extended boundary of

the Cold War”. Under such sandwiched circumstance, Southeast Asian region was

spontaneously portrayed as “extralegal place” onscreen by noted Hong Kong directors which realistically symbolized the fatherless and stateless “Third World” predicament where Hong Kong lost in.

Nevertheless, following the end of the Cold War, rapidly developed globalization and increasingly economic cooperation between mainland China and post-1997 Hong Kong, the role of Southeast Asia in Chinese cinema experienced a dramatic transformation that its rhetoric has turned the “extralegal place” into “exotic journey”. Particularly after 2007 financial crisis, the trans-regional narration concerning exotic journey from China to Southeast Asian countries in Chinese cinema not only makes distinct comparison between Chinese

international metropolis and the semi-urbanized even un-urbanized images of Southeast Asian regions but remarkably contributes to establish the superior status and the “First World” economical identity for Chinese middle class.

Furthermore, this paper emphasizes upon the how the intrinsic logic between Chinese middle-class status and Southeast Asian regions as the “Third World” places onscreen function by discussion and elaboration of class and gender discursive narrative of film case studies.

Keywords: Chinese cinema, cultural globalization, Hong Kong film, Southeast Asia

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